Land Acquisition

The acquisition of scarce land in Long Island is one of the greatest challenges for someone who wishes to build their own home. We have real estate contacts in many areas of the state, but the process of searching for land is one that our company is not directly involved in. If you are looking for land, you will want to find a competent local real estate agent and begin to review available properties. We can refer.


Unlike manufactured homes, your Turnkey Modular home will finance at the same rates as any other site-built homes. It is helpful, however, to work with a lender that understands the construction process and can do the loan without any difficulty or misunderstanding.

Design/Build Services

Many clients are interested in those customizations that make a home feel like, well, your home. We will work tirelessly on the design of your modular home with you to get it just right. We have an in-house design team and we provide a comprehensive design and planning service. The full set of construction documents needed by your local building department is produced by the factory that will build your modular home after we contract with you to have those documents produced.

Ordering and Delivery of Modular Homes

Unlike most of our competition we do not sell any manufactured-mobile homes — no matter what. If you buy a home from Turnkey Modular, you will only get a high-quality, home that will last for many years. Your Client Service representative will be knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to do whatever it takes to get your modular home just right, no matter how many phone calls and emails it takes.

Project Management, Green Building, and Set-up

Depending on the area of Long Island that your site is located, there are different regional installation crews that provide the technical side of the structural installation for the many of our homes. You may use any setup contractor as long as they are properly licensed, qualified, and approved by the modular home factory. For our clients we can recommend a network of experienced licensed general contractors that will work directly with you to prepare the site.