Timeline to Build a Modular From Start to Finish

The first thing that’s done is to choose a house and floor plan you like. This process can take several weeks depending on whether you have chosen a factory plan on we have custom designed your house. Then, a thorough and complete pricing takes place and this process can also take several weeks depending on the upgrades you have picked. Each subcontractor will be contacted and asked to quote the job. Depending on several factors beyond our control, such as the length of time between the quote and the house actually being built, the original price quoted is highly accurate. Of course in some cases there will be price increases. Turnkey will immediately keep you informed of any pending price increases. An example of this would be the factory price fluctuations that can occur depending on increases in material costs, road permits and labor costs. These increases from the factory traditionally occur every March and are closely monitored by Turnkey.

If financing is required this is the time to submit all the pricing and house design to your lender and wait for a final approval.

The next step is to work with your salesman on your electrical plan which includes items like ceiling fans, high hat lights, pendant lights and so on. Once this process is complete and re-priced to reflect the extras, you’re ready to order your New York State approved plans.

NOTE – The stamped plans have been taking several month to get back from the state.

While we’re waiting for the state approval you can meet with an architect to draw basically everything that the factory isn’t providing like your foundation plan including window sizes and locations, basement entrances, if any, porches, decks, stoops and steps, and any other item you would like to add.

We will also be preparing your energy star paperwork required by the town along with the required stormwater management dry wells and possible driveway drains. These need to be plotted on your survey which is required by the different towns engineering departments prior to the application of your building permit.

Hopefully we will complete many of the the items mentioned above completed while we’re waiting for NYS to approve the plans. To accomplish this we will have to work closely and stay on top of the surveyor to produce the necessary paperwork.

The building application should take about 2 or 3 weeks and during that time we are finalizing all details and getting ready to order your house.

We can order your house once we get the permit. Your house will take about 7 weeks to be built and delivered. During that time we are clearing the property and pouring the foundation. Once the foundation has cured and has been back-filled the site is ready and your house can be delivered.

In most cases the house will be set, roofed and made weather tight in one day. Larger homes might require a 2nd day to finish the assembly.

The finish work and inspections will generally take about 3 months again, depending on the numbers of upgrades. Some homes with a lot of upgrades will take longer.

Once we have gotten through all our inspections the town will issue your certificate of occupancy (C of O) you’re done! You can now move into your new home!